Welcome to Baker Beach!

With stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach is located near the heart of San Francisco, California and has become recognized in many media outlets as one of the nicest nude/clothing-optional beaches in the United States. The beach attracts large crowds when the weather is nice, so you know that it is a must-see!

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An Introduction to Baker Beach
Get ready for the all over tan of your dreams! Baker Beach in San Francisco is one of the few naked beached left and certainly worth the visit. The true personification of the Summer Festival culture, Baker Beach offers artwork, music, games, and genitals galore.

Offering gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands, Baker Beach is easily accessible from just about anywhere in San Francisco. Because only the North side of the beach is nude-friendly, you can always enjoy the beautiful South beach if you chicken out.

The nudity factor of Baker Beach isn’t even the strangest though. Part of the Presido, a military base from the founding of San Francisco (from 1812-1997), Baker Beach was fortified with disappearing gun installations. Otherwise known as Battery Chamberlin, these can still be viewed today. Decommissioned as a US Army base, Baker Beach is now administered by the National Park service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

A fatal attack also occurred in 1959 when a great white shark killed an 18-year-old swimmer in 15 feet of water. Luckily, this is the only known occurrence on Baker Beach. On the more naked and fun North side of the beach, the Burning Man Art Festival was held from 1986-1990, as its original site.

Even though Baker Beach is only about one mile long, this sandy beach has an amazing variety of birdlife and unforgettable sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Whether nudity or ocean wildlife are your ideal scenery, Baker Beach will never disappoint.

Tourists commonly return home with pictures of stunning scenery, harbor porpoises, and slightly dangerous surfing conditions. With picnic areas, restroom facilities, grills, and lots of parking, Baker Beach is a true hot spot in San Francisco.

Baker Beach’s picnic area is especially cozy and full of scenery. Surrounded by naturally occurring sand dunes, the picnic area is sheltered from winds and harsh sun. The beautiful serpentine rock formations are great for taking pictures when you’re done eating too.

Because Baker Beach is located beneath dramatic coastal bluffs, its home to some very unique indigenous plant life. These rare plants are in flower year ‘round as they have evolved to tap their roots deep underground. Sagewort, dune tansy, yellow sand verbena, and silver beach bur are common plants on Baker Beach. Not only that, dolphins, brown pelicans, sanderlings, willets, sand crabs, and harbor seals, have been known to frequent the areas.

Sun tanning, the exchange of local artisan goods, and the plethora of public nudity may just wind up being the cherry on top of your vacation.