Nude Beach Etiquette

Many beach resorts and public beaches in various parts of the world are now becoming increasingly relaxed in terms of dressing rules. In case you love soaking in the sun without clothes, you can visit some of the nudist or clothing-optional beaches out there. Just because people are allowed to be nude in these beaches does not mean that all rules and common sense manners are suspended; you are still expected to behave in a decent manner if you visit a nude beach.

For those that do not understand why one has to be nude on a beach, nudists claim that they derive many benefits from the practice. If you ask them, they say that being nude on the beach makes them feel in touch with mother nature. For a long time, humans roamed the earth without clothes and were perfectly okay. If you happen to have put on a little weight, you may have become a bit self-conscious. When you are on a nude beach, you will realize that no one cares that you have put on some weight and that experience offers a liberating feeling.

You will also realize that the typical visitor to the beach can be anyone. People from all walks of life have taken to clothing-optional beaches because it offers them a unique feeling of letting go. The visitors are from all races and come in all shapes with the sole reason of being back to their original state. Psychologists have validated the practice by saying that it can be a form of therapy for a stressed person. The fact that they can be nude allows them to break away from the mental chains brought about by work or relationships problems that keep them worried unnecessarily.

If you are planning to visit a nude beach to have this experience, here is a simple guide on some of the etiquette rules you should observe.

Do not stare – Although people that are nude are supposed to be bold, it is not polite to go staring at people. In the event that you have to look around, it is only a good idea to wear dark sunglasses. But even with the sunglasses, nudists will still tell when you are staring. It is therefore a good idea to avoid gawking! It’s rude and inconsiderate.

Do not photograph people – If you carry a camera with you, you should only take your own pictures or those of your friends that have given their approval. You should not under any circumstances take a picture of a fellow nudist without their express permission. Should you take the picture, you will be breaking the rules of nude beach etiquette.

Carry a towel around – Although the idea is to be nude, you may need a towel around. In case you enter into a bar, you may want to place a towel on the stool before sitting on it. The practice is considered courteous nude beach etiquette.

Do not engage in inappropriate sexual behavior – Hugging someone when they have their clothes on and hugging them when they are nude are two different things. No matter how strong your feelings are, you need to observe decent behavior considering that you are in public and that you are naked. If you feel like you want to get cozy, you need to do it behind closed doors.

Have your clothes nearby – It is okay that you are allowed to be nude on the beach area. But, there may be some restrictions on areas where you can be nude. You may be required to have some clothes on if you are going to visit a restaurant or in within the parking area. While you should have fun, it is a good idea to ensure that you not break any local laws that can get you in trouble with the authorities.

Apply some sunscreen – Although this does not fall within etiquette, it is a good idea to apply a generous layer of sunscreen lotion on your body. Considering that some parts of your body that are always covered in clothes will be exposed to the sun, it is advisable to protect them from getting burns. If you can also get an insect repellent lotion, you ought to apply some because you do not want insects crawling on to some exposed parts of your body.

If you observe the above nude beach etiquette rules, you have a great experience at Baker Beach!

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