First-Timer’s Guide

First-Timer’s Guide

All firsts are memorable. You can remember your first crush, your first kiss, first love, first day of school, name it. Do you really think that you saw them coming? Some say yes, while others may say no. Getting prepared all the time really goes a long way, because, again, firsts are always memorable. You want it to be fun and special.

So what if I tell you that we’d travel today. Are you ready? You can say yes. But, what if it’s different? What if I tell you that we’d go to a nude beach or resort? Can you say that you’re still ready to come with me? You may change your mind now. Getting to a nude beach for the first time, may sound pretty weird, funny and very embarrassing. But, what if you come prepared? It may sound different now. It may sound interesting, exciting and fun!

Getting to a nude beach for the first time can give you mixed emotions, especially if you come unprepared. From this section forward, you will be given guidelines that will help you survive and enjoy your first nude beach experience. Here is your quick guide to make your first nude beach experience successful:

  1. Look for a genuine nude beach.

It is best to look for a genuine nude beach so you could drive away all your awkward and weird feelings. A genuine nude beach gives you a free feeling and gives you a chance to meet nice people. You could search online and thoroughly read reviews. It will surely help you narrow down your choices. We recommend you visit Baker Beach! 🙂

  1. Proper mind-set

First thing’s first. You have to have a proper mind-set before coming to a nude beach. To clear out your mind from feeling weird, funny, embarrassing and nervous, you have to have a proper mind-set. You are not different at all when you come to a nude beach. All are wearing their clothes off. You are all beautiful inside and out. You are there to enjoy and celebrate whatever imperfections and insecurities you have.

  1. Do not laugh.

Laughing is inappropriate when in a nude beach. It is disrespectful. You may feel uncomfortable for a little time, but clear all your thoughts and go back to the second guide – have a proper mind-set.

  1. Be friendly.

Most people who go to a nude beach are very friendly. They start conversations by smiling, greeting, and wishing you a good day. Get your smile on, and be friendly. This will also help you in making you feel better and indifferent.

  1. Bring your clothes.

You have to bring your clothes with you because certain areas still need you to have your clothes on. Better get ready to cover yourself up if required. You don’t want to see yourself being sent away.

  1. List down the things you need to bring.

Going to a nude beach requires planning, most especially if it is your first time. Since it is not a private resort where you alone are the guest, all facilities are to be shared, even tables and chairs. To make sure that you keep up your comfort, it is always safe to bring your own essentials.

Your checklist might go a long way, but here are some that you can add to your list:

  1. Picnic mats or tables and chairs – You have the option to bring either picnic mats or tables and chairs, whatever makes you feel comfortable. This is to help you save your time from waiting for your turn to use and reserving seats.
  2. Water – Always bring water to keep you hydrated.
  3. Umbrella – There are times that you need to shade yourself from too much heat. It’s good to have your umbrella ready to prevent the sun’s heat from burning your skin.
  4. Sunblock screen – Prevent skin problems. Use sunblock screen regularly to protect your skin from the UV rays.
  5. Personal items (toiletries, beach towels, etc.) – Better have your toiletries and towels ready so you will not spend much time looking for grocery stores.

You can have as many as you want and continue the list just to satisfy your comfort. Whatever makes you comfortable, do it, so that you will have a great nude beach experience.

  1. Observe proper sanitation.

Remember that nudists are also concern about observing proper sanitary guidelines. When in a nude beach, it is a-must to always have your beach towel with you. Whenever you sit on a piece of furniture, it is not proper to readily sit there. You need to use your beach towel.

  1. Practice etiquette by heart.

Coming to a nude beach is different from coming to a regular beach. Yes, certain rules are still applied. But unlike the regular beach, nude beach’s rules are stricter in a sense that they really implement respect. In a regular beach, you can freely take lots of photos. But, in a nude beach, you are not allowed to. Permission to take is always asked first. For other nude beach etiquettes, you can find it in the Etiquette tab of this site.

It is nice to get out of your comfort zones once in a while. It feels like you’re a kid again. You throw your worries away, feel free and happy. Going to a nude beach isn’t really bad at all. It’s actually good because you would recognize that in this world of billions of people, you are an imperfectly perfect person.

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